We have learned from a Daily Telegraph obituary that Keith Evans passed away on June 26th 2018 aged 98. Keith entered the prep on 15th Jan 1927 and left in September 1928 for Pangbourne Nautical College.

Due to poor eyesight he entered the Royal Navy as a paymaster cadet on HMS Frobisher, a training cruiser. He served on many ships including in 1938 spending a year on HMS Hood . When in 1941 HMS Hood was sunk with the loss of 1400 lives Keith lost a lot of his shipmates. From 2014 - 2017 he was Chairman of the HMS Hood Association.

During the war he was Captain's Secetary on several ships before coming ashore as Captain's Secretary at the Signals School near Petersfield.

Postwar he was a shipmate of the young Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, the future Duke of Edinburgh at the RN Leadership School HMS Royal Arthur at Corsham. They became firm friends with Prince Philip calling him "Scratch" - naval slang for secretary.He retired from the Royal Navy in 1970.

He then spent 15 years leading the Surrey Council for Voluntary Services.