December edition of Wirral Life Magazine

Stephen Crawley (OB 1974-81) was interviewed by Wirral Life Magazine and fronts the December edition  (The launch of Higsons Beer)

There is also coverage of Sir Tony Robinson (Blackadder) on his visit to Birkenhead School. Promoting his autobiography “No cunning plan” with the help of Linghams Booksellers


Wirral Globe:

The Globe reports that Chris Austin [OB  1973 - 1980], who works for the UK Government's Department forInternational Aid,  is Head of the UK Taskforce in the Caribbean and has just returned from the area which had been hit by two devastating hurricanes. Chris went out to the Caribbean islands in September and took charge of some 2,500 people working on the aftermath of the hurricanes. He was also liaising with the UK military relief response team.