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Wednesday 27th December 2017,the annual Birkenhead Park v. Old Birkonians rugby fixture at Birkenhead Park's Ground.

OB Rugby Boxing day 2017.jpg

Team was :-


J. Walker, P. Doyle, O. Hearn, G. Johnson-Adey, W. Grabe, M. Russell, N. Hearn, A. Hind, L. Sadler, B. Cornford, M. Newton-Jones, J. Doyle, J. Corlett, J. Russell, H. Sturgess


replacements - A. So, S. Hearn, B. Berkson, B. Sadler, N. Pickard, D. Hendry, T. Dodds


Final Score - B.P. 19 O. B. 36


OB scorers  Nick Hearn 4 tries, Alex Hind and Mackenzie Newton-Jones with 3 conversions from Ben Cornford




The Old Birkonian Football Club (Rugby Union) held the  AGM at the “Thatch” in Raby on Wednesday 13th July.

OBFC AGM with Len, Eric, Mike and Peter Crook.jpg

The President, Mike Burrell chairs the AGM.                                                                          

The Secretary, Peter Crook reads the minutes,                                                                               The Treasurer, Eric Roberts(in the spot light) scans the room for new members.

 Committee member, Len Kirkham, protects his beer with a “Reserved” sign.             

Round table at AGM.jpg

  Tony Evans asks “whose round is it?”  

Bob Treasurer checks out the new magazine.

Brian Jones Brian Boumphrey and Dave Cockram at AGM.jpg

Question Corner.

Brian Boumphrey fires a question.  

Brian Jones is not happy with the answer.  

 Dave Cockram has better things to do.

President Mike Burrell prepartes for a ng meeting - say 30 minutes.jpg

President Mike Burrell prepares for a long meeting

- say 30 minutes.

Peter Crook at AGM.jpg Peter Crook reads the minutes.