The next annual Heswall Golf Day is on Sunday 19th June 2016.

The event is being held on a Sunday to see if a weekend date is more convenient for those wishing to participate which, hopefully,  may lead to an increase in numbers.


The next annual Royal Liverpool Golf Day is on Friday 30th September, 2016.

For more information contact Jim McGrath at: Club:

Old Birkonian Golfing Society – Hoblyn Trophy at The Royal Liverpool Golf Club 2nd October 2015



Hoblyn Cups002.jpg


  The Hoblyn Trophy & Hoblyn Putting Trophy

An excellent OB golf day at Royal Liverpool with a record turnout for golf and evening meal resulted in the following awards:

Hoblyn Trophy     Mike Bickerstaffe
Hoblyn Prize (handicap 14+)   Brian Welsh
Mick Bowyer - Shield (Scratch)  Neil McBurney 
Putting Cup      Robert Hillock

Next year’s event will be held at Hoylake on Friday, 30th September 2016, please make a reservation in your calendar if you wish to play. Details will be sent out in May 2016.


3rd July 2015 - Golf Day at Heswall Golf Club


The winner was Malcolm Kaye [1948-61].

Runners up Nick Spencer [1949-54] and Rupert Rule [1994-01].