3rd July 2015 - Golf Day at Heswall Golf Club:

The winner was Malcolm Kaye [1948-61]. Runners up Nick Spencer [1949-54] and Rupert Rule [1994-01].


The next annual Royal Liverpool Golf Day is on Friday October 2nd, 2015.



For more information contact Jim McGrath at:  golf@obs.org.uk



Old Birkonian Golfing Society – Hoblyn Trophy at The Royal Liverpool Golf Club 3rd October 2014


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The Prize Giving                                                                                        The Hoblyn Trophy & Hoblyn Putting Trophy



This event was always going to be popular in the Open year at Hoylake.  This resulted in a level of organisation not before witnessed under the regime of PRR (spanning some 28 years).  Perhaps PRR whilst delivering a relaxed “atmosphere” had underestimated the enjoyment experienced by all as a result of knowing in advance who they were playing with and at a specific time.  The earlier tee off arose from the late arrangement of an informal match between RLGC and Royal Montreal so that the scheduling of both matches enabled them to be finished in daylight.   The OBs played as 11 fourballs under strict instructions to avoid slow play and in the event everything went off very well in good weather and harmony and all golfers finished including the succeeding match, in daylight.

The ad hoc “last minute charlie” approach to arranging the pairings will not be repeated as the structure and organisation lent welcome certainty.  Jim McGrath has kindly offered to help with next years organisation as PRR feels that it is difficult for him (at any rate) to go anywhere other than down from the dizzy heights of this year’s memorable event.

The statistics tell us that 43 played golf (it was due to be 44 but Mike Toon was suffering from “man flu” but raised himself for the dinner). The dinner was attended by 48 OBs, was one of the best ever.  Douglas Hoblyn President OBGS said grace and after dinner brought us up to date with his news including the graduation of his grandson Joe Hoblyn (son of former winner Tim Hoblyn) who has recently graduated from the Applied Golf Management Studies course at Birmingham University and also qualified as a PGA Assistant Professional, was coincidentally flying off to a post graduate job at Mission Hills Golf Club in China on the same day as the Hoblyn Trophy.  We all wished him well.

The Old Birkonian Society Chairman, Roger Ewing spoke about OB events in the past year (particularly the OB farewell dinner in June for the leaving headmaster John Clark, and the Welcome Back Dinners hosted by the School] and also of future events, the London Dinner and the OB Lunch at Liverpool Artists Club which both take place in November. There will be a golf day, planned for 3rd July 20145, at Heswall Golf Club organised by Brian Jones and Will Roberts followed by next year’s Hoblyn Trophy on Friday 2 October 2015, at Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

The whole presentation of the dining room was up to the usual immaculate Hoylake standards. The food and wine were enjoyed by all and the warm welcome and service from the club staff made a great contribution so much enjoyed by all OBs, attending.

Following speeches, the winners were announced by Trevor Mathew-Jones (and thanks to Trevor for counting all scores including some difficult count backs and judgment calls).        

Hoblyn Trophy (handicap -open to all)

First Prize – Julian Moss (past winner)


Second Prize – Dave Edwards (past two time winner of the Hoblyn Trophy)

Hoblyn Prize (handicaps 14 and over)

First Prize - Simon Ellis


Second Prize - Jon Morgan


Third Prize - Brian Welsh (winner of the putting cup for the previous 3 years)


Mick Bowyer - Shield (Scratch)

Robert McBurney (last year’s Hoblyn Trophy and Scratch Shield winner)


Putting Cup

Sebastian Gardiner (please see attached photos of prizes)


Jim McGrath handed out a list of “missing” photographs from the archives and all OBs were encouraged to try and supply photos and names to complete the records.  Jim and Roger attend the school archives every Monday morning.

PRR was presented with a bottle of malt whisky by OB golfers by way of thanks for organising the event (aged 21 years as presumably there was no 28 year aged whisky available!).

We were later joined by the attendees of the Royal Liverpool v. Royal Montreal match in the Club Room Bar – so far as I can remember.

Next year’s event will take place on Friday 2 October 2015 with full details to follow.

Jim McGrath will be corresponding with you no doubt somewhat earlier than I am accustomed to as he is taking over the organisation of the event but I shall remain very much involved liaising with RLGC and helping Jim to smooth things along with the club.

Many thanks to all for attending and contributing to what was the most enjoyable of events.


Phil Rees-Roberts