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Royal Liverpool Golf  Day - Friday 30th September 2016.                   

Hoblyn Cups002.jpg


 The winner of the Hoblyn Trophy was John Newton and the runner up was Martin Prentice.


The other winners –

Hoblyn Prize – winner Brian Welsh and runner up  Julian Moss.

Putting Cup. – Tim Hoblyn.                                                                        

  The Hoblyn Trophy & Hoblyn Putting Trophy


Everything went smoothly except when Leigh Moss disturbed a wasps nest.  That started a hum-dinger. !


RL GOLF 2016 John Newton, JM and PV.jpg


John Newton is presented with the Hoblyn Trophy by Jim McGrath with the Headmaster, Paul Vicars, looking on.

RL GOLF 2016 John Newton.jpg                 RL GOLF 2016 Prentice.jpg














John Newton examines his prize.                                                                  Martin Prentice being presented with his runner up prize.       



 Heswall Golf Day  on Sunday 19th June 2016.

Unfortunately, there was poor weather for the first time at Heswall Golf Day. Although some players retired before the 18th there was plenty of enthusiasm at the 19th.

The winner Trevor Mathew-Jones scored a splendid 39 points. The runner up was Jon Morgan and 3rd was Keith Housley. As a special gesture, those who completed the course in the wet conditions were awarded a new golf ball.

Thanks to Brian N. Jones for organising the day.                                                         Golf winners June 2016.JPG

Photo to above : Keith Housley, Trevor Mathew-Jones and Jon Morgan