Current and archived copies of the School Magazine "In Focus" can read in e-book form using the links below. The summer edition of In focus also includes the Old Birkonian Bulletin.

Summer 2017 including OB Bulletin        Available to dowload from Drop box [ 14Mb file].

                                                                 To read as an E-Book on  Click here

Summer 2016 including OB Bulletin        Currently available only to download as a .pdf via Drop box on this link [9Mb file].

February 2016

Summer 2015 including OB Bulletin  

click to download as .pdf [ 28Mb file]

Michaelmas 2014

August 2014 Includes OB Bulletin

April 2014

November 2013

July 2013     Includes OB Bulletin

March 2013

November 2012

July 2012  Includes OB Bulletin

May 2012

Feb 2012

November 2011

July 2011   Includes OB Bulletin

May 2011