Ron Griffiths died of cancer Oct 1st in Lunenberg Nova Scotia after a short illness. At School Ron was known as an avid cyclist with his white Claude Butler the envy of all enthusiasts. After completing his apprenticeship to marine engineering at Cammell Laird's he sailed with the Holt line before he emigrated to Canada. He married Barbara Jones of the B.H.S. in March, 1955 and they had four children in Montreal before they divorced. 


He and his second wife Elizabeth were married for 36 years and lived in Mahone Bay near Halifax N.S. for most of those years.


As a former brother in law I am thankful for his counseling when I was only 15 and he was only 17. I had intended to try for Deck Officer and he recommended the engine room as being a better alternative with more options ashore if the oceans proved disagreeable after the initial excitement...I never did go to sea! 


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Reginald F. Jones 1946-51