The list is based on the 1947 original, with some amendments as made in manuscript in 'Chuck's' own hand and with additions and amendments emerging from the recent researches.

The original List stated that it was "A summary of the war service of Old Birkonians in the Armed Forces" and that "it was found impossible to extend the list so as to include the names of those who were engaged in the various branches of Civil Defence or in the Merchant Navy.

The omission of their names does not mean that the vital nature of their services has been forgotten. As every form of war service could not be included it was decided to include the names only of those in the Armed Forces".

At this juncture it has been possible to add only the names of those Old Birkonians in the Merchant Navy who lost their lives, but not to trace all those who served in the Merchant Navy.

Honours and Awards for service during the war are shown after the description of rank, unit etc. Pre-war awards are shown immediately after surname and initials.

As stated on page four in the Introduction any further information to correct omissions or errors of detail will be carefully recorded.

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