"Dedicated to the memory of the old boys of Birkenhead School who gave their lives for others in The Great War trusting that their sacrifice may never be forgotten and that their example may live for ever to inspire succeeding generations of their schoolfellows."


Click on the photo for a larger version of the WW1 Memorial in the School Chapel.

After the War the Rev. C A Macvicar compiled a list of 96  Old Birkonians who had given their lives in the conflict along with details of their Service and where they fell along with their final resting place. This information was then published along with, in all but one case, a photograph of the person. The book was titled "Memorials of Old Birkonians Who Fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918".                                                                                           

Subsequent research has discovered a number of Old Birkonians who fell in the War and were not included in the book.

In recent years the School has arranged for some pupils to tour the battlefields and war grave cemetries.