Old Birkonians we remember...

  • We have been advised that T Kite passed away in 2015.

  • We have been advised that J G E Helm died in 2014.

  • Harold McCready died on 5 April in Arrowe Park Hospital.  He was 86.

    Harold was a pupil at School from 1939 to 1948.  After taking a Physics degree at Oxford and doing his National Service... more

  • Robert Montgomery [OB] has informed us that his cousin Michael Mulholland died on 7th February 2016. His father was an armourer technician in the RAF and was often overseas which meant for some of... more

  • We have been advised by his wife, Jill, that David Parry died on 28th November 2015

  • We have received the following obituary from Derek's daughter, Mrs. Tansy Forrest-Takano:


    Derek William Forrest (1935-1944)


    Derek Forrest... more

  • Mike Jones has advised the OBFC that his father, Alan, passed away in December 2015 in Oxshott, Surrey. Alan was 86. Both father and son attended many a fixture to support the Old Birkonians in... more

  • Brian Elliot [OB 1950 -1957] advises us that Ken Armstong passed away in Cyprus in December 2015. 

  • John Walton died in Petaluma California in early December leaving his wife Ann and two sons Ross and Craig.. He had suffered with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's for an extended period.... more

  • We recently learned that Richard [Dick] Hubbard passed away on 6th March 2015. He was Headboy in 1960. In his will he left a generous legacy to help the School. Some will remember his mother, Mrs... more